#lol – Fear of the past

A  man  was  driving  his  car  along  the  motorway  exceeding  the speed  limit. When  he  looked  in  his  mirror  he  saw a  police  car  with  its  lights  flashing, so he  drove  faster.

Each  time  the  police  car  drew  closer  he  put  his  foot  down. Eventually  the police  car  caught  him  up  and  he  had  to  pull  over. The  police  man  came  over  and  the  man  wound  his  window  down.

“Were  you aware  sir  that  you  were  exceeding  the  speed  limit?” he asked.

“Yes,  officer”  he  replied.

“So  what  explanation  have  you  for  this  dangerous  driving?”

“Well  officer,” he  replied, “last  year  my  wife  ran  away  with  a  policeman  and  I  was afraid  you  were  bringing  her  back.”


About paulgreen
Paul Green is an experienced business expert in strategy, business planning, sales performance and assessment, as well as leadership development. He is the founder partner of UK Business Advisors, Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business and a Personal Business Advisor for Effective Business Group. He is author of "50 Essential Business Advice Tips To Prevent Your Business From Failing" - free download is available by clicking on the following link: http://www.paulgreen.biz/success_tips.htm

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